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    A Pioneer Institute in the field of 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Graphic designing & Web designing, VFX, Gaming & Multimedia Coaching Institute in Kanpur.
3D Animation Institutes in Kanpur

3D Animation

Maac Animation Institute are the Best Animation Coaching Center in Kanpur. We offer 2D Animation, 3D Animation Courses with our Professional makes you sound enough in the field of 3D Animation. Students after completing their course in 3D Animation apply for various animation studios. 3d Animation Program is designed to provide you with the skills to develop game environments complete with a storyline, villains, heroes, special effects, animated graphics and sound.

VFX Coaching Institute in Kanpur

Advance VFX

Join VFX Courses in Kanpur, learn the right skills and get the right training from Best VFX Institute in Kanpur. VFX Plus Course focuses on create high-end Visual Effects used in films & other media. VFX Coaching Institute Kanpur provides this course to make their students skill in virtual special effect so that their students can make any image to perform with action. Visual Effects is one of the most rapidly growing phenomenons in the films and entertainment industry.

Best Game Designing Institutes in Kanpur

Game Designing

We are the Best Game Designing Institute in Kanpur. Most of the students today are interested in making career in Game designing. We offer Game Design Course in Kanpur to help students make a career in gaming. Students gain in-depth knowledge of the Game Design process including Digital Asset Creation & integration in the game engine. Maac Animation Kanpur aspire to teach you to make such games wherein your raw talent would get transformed into a professional.

Graphic Designing Courses Kanpur

Graphics Design

Graphic Designing Institute in Kanpur teaches you the basics of Graphic designing, color theory and finally composing it into a digital art form. This Graphic Designing Courses in Kanpur trains the student ready with the future techniques and technology needed in the Graphic Designing industry. We provide the Best Graphic Design & Multimedia Courses in Kanpur. Graphic Design & Multimedia Course, covers a wider genre, from illustrating children books to Corporate Brand Designs etc.

Maac Animation Institute Kanpur

MAAC Kanpur is India's leading training Institute in Kanpur with best campus and with integrated facility of Film Making, Animation, Graphic/Web Design and Advance VFX. MAAC Animation Kanpur has completed 9 Glorious Years in delivering the best Education in Animation Industry. It leaves no stone upturned to build the career of its students.

Animation Institutes Kanpur Pioneers the field of 2D, 3D animation, Film Making, Graphic Designing, Web designing, VFX, Gaming & Multimedia Courses. Best Animation Center Kanpur has been imparting excellence in animation education. Animation College in Kanpur provide the best of course structure, modulated and streamlined according to your choice, preference and field of interest. MAAC Animation Institute one of the oldest and quality oriented players in the segment, thus ranking it highest among the Top Animation Training Institutes in Kanpur. Experienced trainers with production experience in their respective fields will train you to high levels of expertise in 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Graphic Designing, Web design, Gaming and VFX Courses.

Our Center

MAAC Animation is India's leading Animation Training Institue with best campus, infra, technologies and with integrated facility of Film Making, 2D/3D Animation, Graphic Design, Web Design and Advance VFX in Kanpur. We are given students a high-end 3D Animation & VFX education to become professional animation artists. MAAC has successfully prepared thousands of students for careers in animation studios & in filmmaking. MAAC animation kanpur is part of Aptech, the global retail & corporate training solutions provider headquartered in Mumbai, India, with a presence across 5 continents. MAAC has prepared thousands of students every year for careers in 3D Animation, VFX, Web Designing, Graphics Designing, News Channels, T.V. Production, Gaming, Film Industry.

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